Zwart Coffee

zwart coffeeZWART temporary coffee lab opened its doors. We’re delighted that so many people have found their way to our delicious coffee and tea. Now, we want to welcome you to our virtual lab.
On this site, we’ll inform you on everything that we encounter along our journey: the different coffees we’re serving, the roast profiles we’re using, guest appearances, workshops, interesting thoughts or just good old espressofaced nonsense.
Tune in.



Like SOK Espressolab in Amsterdam Zwart is for the proper coffee nerd. Although it’s all about taste (these guys roast their own coffee, use a synesso and various filter variations) the shop is beautiful. Probably the classiest and most creative coffeeshop i’ve ever visited. Located in de Stationsbuurt near Central Station, no one has an excuse not to visit. Or it has too be that you are too late, because Zwart uses the pop-up principle and i believe will be gone after the summer


There’s so many things we’d like to talk to you about…

our incredibly good coffees
our insanely delicious teas
our to-die-for pies and cakes
our state of the art equipment
our friendly and professional service
our funny and informative workshops
all the events we’re gonna make coffees at
all the other projects in the pipeline

but… there’s only so many hours in a day…
and if we do write something, we want to do it well – like anything else we do.

And frankly, we can talk the talk, but we’d rather walk the walk

So drop by, order a drink and let us impress you with what’s really in your cup.


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